The courses at our Workforce Development Center prepare you for real world experience.
Advanced Manufacturing 科技nology
Our hands-on programs use state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing equipment and are taught in an accelerated format to help students begin a career in the field, or advance in their current workplace.
The Workforce Development Center (WDC) provides training for healthcare professions, and for those looking to start a career in 急诊医学 as a first responder.
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center was chosen to deliver 10,000 Small Businesses in Southwest Ohio because of our commitment to providing access and opportunity for customized business training.
Cincinnati State Workforce Development Center helps healthcare professionals throughout the region become and remain both competent and competitive in the delivery of quality patient care in areas such as acute care, 家庭保健, 长期护理, and residential facilities.
Industrial Maintenance 科技nology
Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center (WDC) has training to launch your career in Industrial Maintenance 科技nology. Our hands-on courses are taught in an accelerated format to help students enter the workforce, or to allow students to advance themselves within their current workplace.
在线 learning offers students the flexibility to take courses on their own schedule. The Workforce Development Center (WDC) partners with online educational groups to provide you the training you need to grow in your career.
Professional Development
The Workforce Development Center (WDC) offers many programs on business basics, such as customer service, team building and effective public speaking, plus advanced skills and topics such as budgeting, 创业.